March 07, 2007

Below the Barrel

The despite Labour hosing it down with money welfare state is failing, and now there is no money left so they need a scape goat. 'Dr' John Reid has decided to turn to that old staple illegal immigrants.
Mr Reid told BBC Breakfast: "It is unfair that foreigners come to this country illegitimately and steal our benefits, steal our services like the NHS and undermine the minimum wage by working.
The small problem that most illegal immigrants do not take any form of benefits what so ever, and will be going out of their way not to so as not to attract the attention of the authorities. Likewise they will not take much in the way of services for exactly the same reason. If he wanted to find the real welfare leaches then it would be better to look at our indiginous underclass than illegal immigrants. Immigrants will be working and work, 'Dr' Reid, is a good thing. They are doing valuable jobs that the underclass clients of the welfare state will not. This is good for us, since we get the results of this work. It is good for them, since they get paid for it. It is good for their employeers, since they get the jobs they need done. It is good for our country as it helps the economy. It is good for their countries as when they return they take some of the money they earned with them. Like all voluntary agreements it is good for everybody involved, except the government as they cannot be taxed as the government does not know how much it can extract from them, or where to send the heavies around to extract it. Which will be one of the reasons that they make the perfect scape goat.

'Dr' Reid has a cunning plan to rid us of this menace, in addition to using the government cure all of ID Cards he is going to send them all a text message asking them to leave. Hmmm, I see a few problems with this idea not least of which is getting every illigal immigrant to send him their phone number so that he can text them back. Many will not even have a mobile phone, unlike the underclass, and so be completely outside persuasive power 'Dr' Reid's homilies anyway. John Reid has stopped scraping the barrel, he has now broken through the bottom and started digging.

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